Using Octopress With Dropbox and Nocs

Inspired by a tip from Oscar Cortez, one of my instructors at Full Sail University, I decided to host my Octopress locally on Dropbox. I found this setup to be a great idea for editing on mobile devices, because with our repo connected to Dropbox, we are able to make changes to Octopress wherever Dropbox access is available.

Octopress in Dropbox

I’m actually typing this blog post with a text editor on my iPhone. The app that I’m using is called Nocs. It’s a text editor that integrates well with both Dropbox and the Markdown format that Octopress uses to publish with.

Editting with Nocs

In the Nocs app, I’m able to navigate and edit the Octopress directory through Dropbox with ease.

Navigating wit Nocs

The Dropbox/Nocs combo allows me to write anywhere with my iPhone. Then once my post is ready to go, all I need to do is push my Octopress repo up in Terminal using

$ rake generate


$ rake deploy


Both apps are available for free at the App Store.