Introducing Solavei


A few months ago, I learned about a new mobile service called Solavei. Back then I was looking around for a reasonable unlimited phone plan that didn’t involve contracts. At the time, my phone carrier was Red Pocket Mobile, which was great but their mobile web data plan costed more and was limited to only 2gigs of data and I wasn’t going to sign a contract with another mobile service to be charged for more data usage.

Personally, I can’t stand contract service agreements. If I’m unhappy with anyone’s service, I should be able to decide not to continue doing business with them. Why should I guarantee my money every month to a phone service that’s questionable? I’ve always felt more comfortable using a prepaid plan. I like the freedom of having other options available.

But you know what? Companies probably make you sign contracts so you won’t run off to new companies like Solavei. I lucked out finding a great service like Solavei. I found an affordable unlimited mobile service plan without any contract agreements and so far I’m really happy with it.

I didn’t really trust them at first since they’re a completely new company, but my family in Dallas who I love and trust assured me that Solavei was something that I would want to be a part of.

After hours of research, I went ahead and ditched my old plan and ordered my unlimited phone plan with Solavei. It’s been 3 months already and I’m 100% satisfied with their revolutionary phone service.

My prepaid plan came up to $58.34 a month including tax and that’s without participating in their referral program. If you recruit enough members to Solavei, eventually, you won’t even have a monthly bill to pay. Solavei actually pays its members for sharing their services with other people.

Switching carriers was a no brainer for me. There were no activation fees involved other than the 9 dollar SIM card I had to ship to myself. Once I got my SIM card in the mail, I popped it into my iPhone and I was set. I’ve never been happier with my phone.

It feels awesome to be able to blog about this new service as an early adopter. I have a feeling that Solavei is only going to get bigger. Be sure to check out Solavie’s video down below to learn more.