Focusing on WebGL

Web browsers are increasingly becoming more advanced and have progressed beyond simply displaying hypertext and images. The 3D technology that we’ve been enjoying through video games and movies has recently become available through today’s modern browsers. For those who aren’t familiar, WebGL is the latest HTML5 trend that uses JavaScript to render interactive three-dimensional graphics.

The original cover art for The Red Wing

WebGL is still an experiment but that’s what I love about it. I love everything that’s experimental, especially experimental music. I’m a huge fan of the Fuck Buttons and I was totally blown away by their latest album, “Slow Focus”. As an experiment, I decided to try out WebGL to make a 3D version of the cover art for their single, “The Red Wing”, which can be seen at the link below.

3D interpretation of The Red Wing cover art

What I ended up creating was really basic compared to other WebGL experiments found on the internet, but I’m fine with that because I learned something new along the way with something that I’m passionate about. I’ll never get tired of obsessing over the ways that technology pushes art and vice versa. As technology moves forward, we’ll find even more ways to share art with one another. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for interactive media.